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To Crush the Cobbles with Compound Crusher


In recent years, with the continuous mining of the river sand year after year, a large number of cobbles have been abandoned in the river. With the development of compound crusher and the update of sand making machine, the pebbles can be processed effectively, especially the emergence of composite crusher makes the application of the cobbles more extensive.

The compound crusher developed by Hongxing Mining Machinery is characterized by the large crushing ratio and high rate of the finished products and other features. It is the ideal crushing equipment for the materials that have high moisture content and the particle size can be adjusted. There is no sieve bar set, which will not cause the blockage when processing the materials that contain large sand and clay content. In addition, if the non-crushing materials enter the machine, they will be automatically discharged, not causing damage to the equipment. The compound crusher has high production efficiency, unique structure, smooth operation, low noise and easy maintenance. It is easy and convenient to replace the damaged pieces. It has very high economic and social benefits. Compound crusher is suitable for the crushing of cobbles for sand making as well as the crushing and shaping of the materials with medium hardness. It is widely used for the processing of a variety of river gravel, pebbles, ores, cement, refractories, aluminum clinker, carborundum, glass raw materials, mechanism sand, stone and various metallurgical slags, especially for silicon carbide, carborundum, sintered bauxite and other materials with high hardness and corrosion-resistant materials. The compound crusher has higher yield and efficiency than other types of crushers.

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