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To Settle the Common Failures of Slag Mill


The vibration of the slag grinding mill
If the iron works use the small blast furnace that has poor stability, the produced slag will contain more clinker, which is characterized by large size, poor grindability and strong abrasiveness. After the clinker enters the slag grinding mill, it will cause the bounce of the roller and the destruction of the material layer, aggravating the vibration of the slag grinding mill. In addition, because of poor grindability, it will affect the stability of the material layer. As for the rectification, the addition of vibrating screen in the belt transshipment point to screen out these clinkers to ensure the stable operation of the slag mill.
The adjustment of the powder concentrator
If the specific surface area of the product is low and the fineness is relatively coarse, the effect of the improvement of the rotational speed of the powder concentrator will be not obvious, but increase the load of the machine. In the rectification period, the operator should adjust the angle of the blades to increase the gas swirling role. In the production, the load of the powder concentrator will be declined and the grain size distribution will be rational.
The blockage phenomenon
The materials in the outer recycle stock will contain the slag powder. When the fine powder mixes with the wet new materials, it will result in the blockage of the feeding tube, affecting the operation of the machine.
To have a better understanding of the common failures of the slag mill will be helpful to guarantee the normal operation of the grinding mill and improve the efficiency.

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