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Transform Liner Can Improve Productivity of Ball Mill


The liner of ball mill is used to protect the cylinder from the direct impact and friction of grinding bodies and materials; meanwhile we can also take advantages of the different forms of liner to adjust the state motion of grinding body and enhance the crushing effect of material so that improve the ball mill grinding efficiency and output.
In the working process of ball mill, liner not only needs to withstand the impact and friction of the grinding bodies and materials, but also to enhance the grinding body, so it gets a higher attrition rate and requires frequent replacement. This increases the production cost, but also reduces the efficiency of the mill's production. Therefore, it is necessary to transform the liner to prolong its life.
In term of the above problems, in order to reduce the workload of maintenance and ensure the production process of the mill, we can thicken the liner to reduce the number of replacement liners and extend the working hours of the ball mill, such as increase calcium liner by 50mm, cylinder liner increase by 30mm, and specially modify the liner next to shell and plate.
The transformed liner has longer service time than that of ordinary liner, shortening the parking time led by the replacement of liner. The thickened liner reduces the volume of the grinding relative to ordinary liner during the initial period. Although the handling capacity of thickened liner is less than that of ordinary liner in initial period, it will be increased with the liner wearing. In the view of overall production capacity, the transformation of liner could bring large economic efficiency for enterprises.

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