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spray dryer


After the filtering and heating conducted by the spray dryer, the air enters the air distributor on the top of the spray dryer. The hot air spirally and evenly flow into the dryer. The feed liquid is atomized into fine atomized droplets via the high-speed centrifugal atomizer on the top of the tower body, contacting with the cocurrent flow of the hot air and being dried into the finished product within very short time. The finished products are continuously discharged from the bottom of the drying tower and cyclones and the exhaust gas is emptied by the induced draft fan.

spray dryer



1.The frequency control of the spray dryer makes the particle size of the product adjustable;

2.The material heating time is short; it can deal with the heat-sensitive materials;

3.The specific surface area is larger after atomizing and the water instantly evaporate faster;

4.The sphericity of the product is good; particle size distribution is uniform;

5.Less noise, easy installation, stable operation, easy to operate.

In addition, the drying speed is fast, which greatly increase the specific surface area of the feed liquid after the spraying. In the hot air flow, the moisture can be evaporated 95% -98%, and there is only a few seconds to complete the drying. It is especially suitable for the drying of heat sensitive materials. 

The product has good uniformity, mobility and solubility with high purity and good quality. The production process is simplified and it is convenient to control. For the special materials whose moisture content can be up to 40-60% (even 90%), the spray dryer can dry it into the powder or grain products for one time. Moreoverr, there is no need for the crushing and screening after drying, reducing the production processes and improving the product purity. 


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