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linear vibrating screen


Henan LuoYang professionally specializes in the production of sieve and linear vibrating screen.

(1)The operator should read duty records and equipment check before work, and check the V-belt tension, vibrator oil level, check the screen surface tension and the dilapidated conditions, bolts fastening and the damage of screen surface.

(2) The start of vibrating screen should follow the order of the process system . 

(3) In the operation of the vibrating screen , you can use visual and auditory to check the exciter and the working condition of the sieve box. After the vibrating screen stops work, you should touch the bearing cap of vibrating screen, check the bearing temperature.

(4) The vibrating screen parking should comply with the order of the process system.In addition to the special requirements of vibrating screen, after stopping the car, feeding is not allowed.

(5) When you make shift duty, you should record the sieve technology status and faults. Vibrating screen records should indicate the injury category and exciter parts and oil change date.(6) The vibrating screen is a high-speed movement equipment, when the vibrating screen is in operation, patrol officers should keep a safe distance to prevent the occurrence of personal injury.

The vibrating screen maintenance should pay special attention to:

(1)Exciter and transmission disassembly should be carried out by experienced technical workers,barbaric operation is not allowed, vibrating screen prevents damage to the equipment. Vibrating screen assembly should keep the parts clean. 

(2)The new mesh of vibrating screen should be re-tensed every 4-8h, vibrating screen should be tensed completely.


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