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MBS Rod Mill

MBS Rod Mill

Product Model: Various specificiations for choice

Production capacity: 0.62-180t/h

Material: Coal, cement, ore, calcite, cement clinker, dolomite, clay, coal, barite, and gypsum,etc.

MBS Rod mills have two types dry type rod mill and wet type rod mill. It uses the advanced technology of controlled feeding and discharging, equip with suitable grinding body according to the actual grinding material.

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Being widely used in the level one grinding of the artificial sand preparation plant, chemical plant  and the electric power department, rod mill is named according to the steel bar of the loading grinding barrel and there are dry type and wet type rod mills. Customers can choose them according to the practical situation. For products such as quarts sand, pear spar and monazite, magnetic separator need to be selected to remove iron.

Working principle:

The wet type rod mill is mainly composed by the small diameter and long barrel which is driven via transmission machinery. The materials will be grinded in the barrel through the impact of the steel balls and the minerals and the finished products will be discharged from the end of the barrel. In the wet rod mill, in the wet grinding, the material is taken away by water flow, while in dry grinding, by air current.

Products characteristics:

The small curvature of the conical shell cover  of the  rod grinder make the steel bar rote regally in the mill. With larger diameter, the hollow shaft of the ore discharge not only make it easily examined but also lower the ore slurry surface in order to discharge fast.  The product particle size is homogeneous. 

Range of application:

Rod grinder is the most  important and widely used  equipment in the raw material grinding operations. It is mainly selected in the coarse grinding operation and suitable for the fine grinding of the first open circuit grinding especially for processing brittle material.

Although it can be used for grinding all kinds of mineral and other materials  by the ore dressing and building materials departments,the application range of the wet type rod mill is much more smaller than the ball mill and ball mill can replace wet type rod mill in many cases. 

Performance characteristics: 

With low medium filling rate of about 35%—40%, the rotary rate of the wet type rod mill is low and the common rate is between 60%—70%. The steel barrel will be distorted when rotating if the feed size is too large. At the same time, there will be larger space between the barrels and this will cause the  

decline of production. Minerals are crushed and grinded by the line contact of the falling of the barrel. The fine grains are rarely grinded.The length of the steel barrel is shorter than that of the cylindrical barrel by 25—50mm.

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Model Shell Specifications (mm) Shell rotation speed
Feeding size
Discharging size
Processing capacity
Total weight
Diameter Length
MBS0918 900 1800 36-38 ≤25 0.833-0.147 0.62-3.2 18.5 5500
MBS0924 900 2400 36 ≤25 0.833-0.147 0.81-4.3 22 6100
MBS1224 1200 2400 36 ≤25 0.833-0.147 1.1-4.9 30 12000
MBS1530 1500 3000 29.7 ≤25 0.833-0.147 2.4-7.5 75 16800
MBS1830 1830 3000 25.4 ≤25 0.833-0.147 4.8-11.6 130 29000
MBS2130 2100 3000 23.7 ≤25 0.833-0.147 14-35 155 34800
MBS2136 2100 3600 23.7 ≤25 0.833-0.147 19-43 180 37000
MBS2430 2400 3000 21 ≤50 0.833-0.147 25-65 245 54000
MBS2736 2700 3600 20.7 ≤50 0.833-0.147 32-86 380 86000
MBS2740 2700 4000 20.7 ≤50 0.833-0.147 32-92 400 94000
MBS3245 3200 4500 18 ≤50 0.833-0.147 64-180 630 137000